Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

187th Parallel Programming Workshop with Trial Account
"Supercomputing for Beginners"

Co-organizer: Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo, PC Cluster Consortium (Practical Application Working Group, HPC Open-Source Software Working Group)

  • 本講習会は英語により実施しますが、日本語使用者の参加も歓迎します。
  • This tutorial workshop will be held in English.
Notice on potential event cancellation
The events at ITC, the Univ. of Tokyo may be cancelled in case it is deemed impossible to hold the event in light of the Univ. of Tokyo's official policy against COVID-19 . We appreciate your kind understanding.


 This tutorial workshop is for those who want to learn basic knowledge on how to use supercomputers at the Information Technology Center (ITC), the Univ. of Tokyo soon.
 This course consists of lectures and hands-on using the Oakbridge-CX (OBCX) system. The topics are:

  • Introduction of Supercomputers @ ITC (Lecture) & how to login (Hands-on).
  • Executing sample programs for parallel computation.
    (Hands-on using sample programs in Fortran, C, or Python)
  • How to run machine-learning on supercomputers
    (lecture & hands-on using PyTorch sample program)

 Although the course requires no prior experiences on supercomputers, participants are assumed to be familiar with command line interfaces (Linux) and to be able to use either one of the following text editors: Vim, Emacs, or Nano. A little experience in programming languages (Fortran, C, or Python) is also desirable but is not a must.
 This course will be held live online via Zoom. The whole lectures will be recorded. The recorded movies and photo snaps may be made public after the event via the internet (as web pages, SNS) after processing them so that individuals cannot be identified.

Date and Schedule

29th Sep. 2022   11:00 - 16:00

11:00 - 12:00 Introduction to Supercomputers @ ITC, Login to OBCX (lecture & exercise)
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 - 14:15 Parallel computing using sample programs (lecture & exercise)
14:30 - 16:00 Running machine learning on supercomputers (lecture & exercise)

Materials and recorded movies


* Please read the "Advance Preparation Guide" carefully and make the preparations as instructed in the materials.


Application form

* The deadline for registration is 22nd September, 17:00.
 The account information and Zoom connection information will be sent on 26th September.
* The maximum number of applicants is 2030 on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend applying as early as possible.
 The maximum number of applicants has been changed. (19th August)

Registration to participate in this workshop has closed.

Terms and Conditions for Participation

  • The following people are eligible to participate in the course. They are not required to be current users of supercomputers at ITC, the Univ. of Tokyo.
    • Staffs & students who belong to national or private universities in Japan.
    • Researchers who belong to public research institutions in Japan.
    • Researchers and engineers who work at companies located in Japan.
    Each participant will be assigned a “trial” account for supercomputers that are valid for one month.
  • Please read carefully and comply with the "Terms of Use for Supercomputer Systems of the Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo".
  • Please be sure to make the following preparations. :
    • On the supercomputer, you need to use either Emacs, vim, or Nano editor on the command line interface for editing codes. If you are not familiar with any of these three above editors, please learn how to use them in advance. Emacs is recommendable for beginners.
    • Please prepare your own personal computer for hands-on. Please set up properly Zoom application and network environments for connecting to the supercomputer.
    • Please make the latest security update such as Windows/Microsoft Update and Apple Security Update on your personal computer. Also, please be sure to install anti-virus software and run a virus search to confirm that there are no problems before attending the course. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to attend the online training session.
    • The OS of your computer can be either Windows, Mac, or Linux, but you must be able to connect to the Center's supercomputer using SSH.
    • Please read the "Advance Preparation Guide" carefully and make the following preparations as instructed in the materials.
      • Prepare the system requirements for SSH connection (depending on the OS of the participant's PC).
      • Login confirmation to the OBCX Portal.
      • Download and update the Zoom client application to the latest version.
    • We will teach how to log into the supercomputer during the course.
  • Supercomputers and number of nodes used


Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, The University of Tokyo
E-mail:Email address for inquiries