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Regular use (General)

The Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo (hereafter, “the Center”) operates the Wisteria/BDEC-01 and Oakbridge-CX supercomputer systems. The “Regular use (General)” introduced on this page is targeted at universities and public institutions. Corporations that wish to make use of the supercomputing services should refer to the pages on “Corporate Use” and “Trial Use (Corporations).”

Available Resources

The details of the supercomputer systems that are available for use are as follows.


Tokens, which is the number of hours that compute nodes can be used for, are assigned corresponding to the course of use and number of nodes applied for. Batch jobs can be executed up to the maximum number of nodes that can be used, and within the number of tokens assigned (with the exception of some courses and services). For a detailed explanation of the tokens and FAQ, please refer to the pages “Tokens (Wisteria/BDEC-01)” and “Tokens (Oakbridge-CX)”.
The tokens that have been assigned can be transferred between the Wisteria/BDEC-01 and Oakbridge-CX systems (no cost of use will be incurred). For details, please refer to the page “Transfer of Tokens.”

Please read the following points to be noted when using the tokens.

  • Tokens are consumed for the execution of each batch job (with the exception of batch jobs that make use of interactive nodes).
  • Tokens are consumed for the amount of time calculated through “[Lapsed time] × [No. of nodes or GPUs] × [Consumption coefficient]” .
  • For jobs in excess of the number of nodes applied for, a higher consumption coefficient is set for the number of nodes in excess.
  • Tokens may be added only when there is a surplus in the calculation resources.
  • There is no guarantee that all tokens can be used up within the effective period when use of the tokens is permitted. Furthermore, as the tokens are only valid within the period that use is permitted for, even if there are any remaining tokens, they may not be transferred to the next fiscal year, nor will any refunds be provided.

Course Contents

The Center offers two courses for general use: the “personal course” for used by individual researchers, and the “group course” for use by research groups. Details are provided as follows.

The “trial use course” is also available for those who wish to try out the supercomputers and get a feel of use before moving on to general use. Under this course, trial use may be carried out at reasonable prices. Parallel programming workshops are also conducted regularly. These provide practices on the use of supercomputers, and are open to new users who are considering the use of the supercomputer systems. Please feel free to utilize these programs.

Application for Use

Please read the Rules of Use for the Supercomputer Systems carefully, fill out the application form, and submit it to the Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, the University of Tokyo. Please refer to Submission and Inquiries for details.

Cost of Use

(Applicable from April 1, 2023)

Please refer to the following tables for the prices for each system.

(Applicable from April 1, 2022)

Please refer to the following tables for the prices for each system.


Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, The University of Tokyo
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