Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Educational use

The Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo (hereafter, “the Center) provides supercomputer resources for practices in graduate and undergraduate classes.
There have been moves to use supercomputers as a practice tool for the use of methods applied to a wide range of research fields, including climate, fluid analysis, structural analysis, molecular science, nanotechnology, and aerospace. Supercomputers are already being used for practices related to structural analysis, Earth science, and fluid-related subjects in specialized undergraduate courses as well as graduate classes.
The use of supercomputers in education is anticipated to contribute to human resource development and the expansion of use of such systems. Hence, the Center accepts applications, at any time, for use in courses and workshops (including intensive courses) conducted by teaching faculty of tertiary institutions, at graduate schools, undergraduate schools, and vocational institutes. (Please submit applications early, with a sufficient lead time before the start of use.)
Educational use is not limited to use within the University of Tokyo. Applications for use outside of the University of Tokyo are also accepted.  

Available resources

Information on use

  • Supercomputer systems designated by the Center are available for use at no charge.
  • Systems are not available for use during periods of service suspension. Please note that use of course queues is not permitted during the Large-Scale HPC Challenge period.
  • The faculty in charge should take responsibility for the use of systems and provide the necessary guidance. Students should avoid posing questions to the Center.
  • Please provide a report article for the Supercomputing News, published by the Center, within half a year after the end of the course/workshop.
  • Foreign nationals and those residing abroad should submit applications for use based on the following.
    Use of supercomputers by foreign nationals and those residing abroad

Terms of use

Please read the Rules of Use for the Supercomputer Systems carefully, fill out the application form, and submit it to the Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, the University of Tokyo. Please refer to Submission and Inquiries for details.

  • Please attach copies of materials that provide information of the contents of the course/workshop (syllabus, curriculum, etc.) when submitting the application.
  • In principle, applications are accepted on the basis of semesters.
  • In cases where a large number of applications is received, use may be restricted or rejected in consideration of the overall usage status of the systems.
Application form User list
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* Please send the list of registered users to the Inquiries in Excel format.


Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, the University of Tokyo
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