Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Precautions when using supercomputer systems

For users who have completed application and account acquisition, Please note the following points when using the system.

Compliance with regulations

Please read and comply the "Supercomputer System Usage Regulations of the Information Technology Center of the University of Tokyo".

Precautions when using the system

Account handling

  • It is strictly prohibited to use your account with a third party. Be sure to use it by yourself.
  • Using a common SSH key with a third person is synonymous with sharing an account and is strictly prohibited.

Understanding the purpose of the system use

  • Please refrain from using the systems for purposes other than those listed in the application form. Especially, the use for cryptocurrency mining is strictly prohibited.
  • Even if you are the one of the group member, it is necessary to understand the purpose of the system use properly with checking to group representative, group contact person or group manager.

Using login node

Because it is a shared resource, please refrain from executing a program with a high load for a long time, except for compiling and copying files.

  • Please execute a high load program as a job on the compute node.
  • In the case that a high-load program execution on the login node is recognized and confirmed, we may stop the program.
  • For high-load pre-processing and post-processing, please consider to use the pre-post service.

Useful information

You can find the following information that can be used as a reference when using our supercomputer systems.

  • User support portal for each system ( Oakbridge-CX / Oakforest-PACS / Reedbush )
    • Notifications such as software additions / updates, various settings and usage status display. You can browse the manual.
    • Be sure to check the system user's guide in document browser.
    • Reedbush tuning guide is available on Reedbush user support portal.
  • Login message of the login node in each system (message displayed after login)
    • It contains information about the upcoming events and that you should especially refer to when using the service.
    • A similar message is also available on the page that opens immediately after logging in to the user support portal.
  • Supercomputing section top page (Notification and News and topics)
    • In addition to schedule-related correspondences and event information, we also provide particularly important notifications such as system failure and maintenance information.
    • Important information such as system failure information may be sent by email to all users.
    • For information about each system, please see the page for each supercomputer system.
      (Oakbridge-CX / Oakforest-PACS / Reedbush )
    • Oakbridge-CX and Oakforest-PACS tuning guides are available on each supercomputer page.
  • Supercomputing News
    • In addition to the content related to operations, articles corresponding to use cases may be posted.
    • We are also looking for manuscripts from users. Please see here for writing guidelines.
  • Operation schedule, workshop
    • On the operation schedule page, you can check the annual schedule in addition to the schedule for the next 3 months.
    • Various seminars are held for those who want to learn the technology of using supercomputers.
  • FAQ, contact information
    • The FAQ page contains FAQs for each system in addition to those related to application.
    • When making inquiries, please be sure to read the explanation carefully, as there is content that you need to specify.
    • In case you attend the lectures using the educational service of our center, please ask to the lecture instructor.
  • Change application, use of other services   
    • Please note that the application has a deadline.
    • In addition to general use, there are also services that can be used free of charge for specific purposes and users, such as educational use, young / women researchers use, open call for participants, large-scale HPC challenge, etc. Please consider when necessary.

Request for achievement registration

Among the research results obtained by using this center's supercomputer system, we are requesting you to report on papers, oral presentations, books, and award information. Please register your research results from the following web page. The registration of research results is extremely important for maintaining and expanding the large-scale computational resources of this center at the University of Tokyo, and for supporting the continued provision of computational resources in the future. We would like to ask all users for their cooperation.