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「The Path to Petascale Computing in China」

 本公開セミナーでは、来日中の Xue-bin Chi博士(Director, Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences)に「The Path to Petascale Computing in China」と題して講演をしていただきます。

日 時:2010年12月9日(木)10:30 ~ 11:20
会 場:東京大学情報基盤センター(本郷)大会議室(地図


Xue-bin Chi博士
Supercomputing Center (SCCAS), Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


"The Path to Petascale Computing in China"
For the past two decades, there are many works having done in parallel computing. Since 1995, the parallel computers had made in China under the support of MOST. The 1st parallel computer had 2.5GFLOPS in single precision, and now the world fastest computer had 3.7PFLOPS in China. In the future, the next generation supercomputer will be towards to exascale. In SCCAS, we also have many applications to run over thousands processes. For the last 5 years, we had also built a grid computing environment for scientific computation in CAS. Through this grid computing environment, we will try to make a scientific cloud in China.


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