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JCAHPC introduces the Post T2K (Oakforest-PACS) system with 25 PFLOPS based on Intel’s next-generation manycore processors


Joint Center for Advanced High Performance Computing (JCAHPC) decided to introduce its new supercomputer system (Post T2K system) with 25 PFLOPS peak performance. The new system is named “Oakforest-PACS” with 8,208 of next-generation manycore processors developed by Intel Corporation, and is planned to start its full operation on December 1st, 2016. The Oakforest-PACS will be the fastest supercomputer system in Japan at that time. The Oakforest-PACS will be installed at the Kashiwa Research Complex II building in the Kashiwa-no-Ha (Oakleaf) campus, the University of Tokyo.

Press Release