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Oakforest-PACS Supercomputer System
Selected Projects of the Large-Scale HPC Challenge

FY2021: Selected Projects

Thank you for applying for the Large-Scale HPC Challenge. After careful consideration based on the following criteria, the projects below were selected. (random order)
* We have implemented the Large-Scale HPC Challenge under some restricted conditions in consideration of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

  • Research carried out using own coding or open-source programs.
  • Computational results can be deemed to be useful to science or have social impact.
  • Set out the goal of using 4,200 nodes(flat mode) or 3,200 nodes (cache mode) or both flat mode(4,200 nodes) and cache mode (3,200 nodes).
  • Feasible plans, and possibility of producing effects in a short time (each period of use is for a maximum of 8 hours).
  • Provides useful information to the operator or user of the system.
1st term: Selected Projects

1st term: Selected Projects

Project Title Toward a quantitative evaluation of the efficiency of a hot water cooling method
Representative's Name(Affiliatoin) Fumiyoshi SHOJI (Operations and Computer Technologies Division, RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
庄司 文由(理化学研究所 計算科学研究センター 運用技術部門)

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