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Treatment of Research Results

Publication and presentation of results outside of Japan

When publishing or presenting research results obtained using the supercomputers, it is not necessary to obtain approval from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for acts on making technology known to the public. However, in cases that are not applicable for exemption from this approval, it is necessary to apply for approval. Hence, please take note when submitting papers to academic journals, etc. or presenting at academic conferences.
Please submit an inquiry below if you wish to clarify any points.

Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department, The University of Tokyo
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Reference (The University of Tokyo)

Reference (MEXT)

Reference (METI)

Results obtained through the use of services

A separate report on the use (results) of services is required after using the following services provided by the Center.
For information on submission and other details, please refer to the websites of the respective services.

Registration of research results

Of the research results obtained through the use of the Center’s supercomputer systems, reports are required for academic papers, oral presentations, book publications, and awards received. Please register the research results through the website link provided below. The registration of research results contributes to the development and expansion of large-scale computational resources at the Center of the University of Tokyo, and is extremely important in supporting the continued provision of computational resources in the future. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

FAQ on research results

Registration of research results
  • I would like to register the results of my research. How can I do that?
  • Can I write the report of my research results in English?
  • I would like to acknowledge the use of the Center’s supercomputers in my English paper, etc. Are there any examples of how to write the acknowledgements in English?