Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Introduction to Large-scale Common Storage System (1st Generation): Ipomoea-01

Characteristics of the system

Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo has installed Large-scale Common Storage System (Ipomoea) in consideration of the increased data volume resulting from the increased processing power of the supercomputer system and the burden on users caused by the fact that storage is independent for each system. Ipomoea is available from each system which the center is involved in operating. Ipomoea-01 system is the 1st generation of Ipomoea.

System Diagram

Hardware configuration

Item Specifications
Parallel file system System name DDN EXAScaler
Server (OSS) DDN ES7990X
Number of servers (OSS) 5
Storage capacity 25.9 PB
Storage data transmission speed 125 GB/s