Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo


Parallel Programming Workshop with Trial Account

The Supercomputing Division regularly conducts Parallel Programming Workshops (workshops with trial accounts) with practical training on the supercomputers, targeted at supercomputer users across Japan and new users who are considering the use of supercomputers (including corporate engineers, researchers).
This workshop is scheduled to be held on the Wisteria/BDEC-01 System, which commenced operation in August 2021.
Starting from the elementary workshop that does not require any basic knowledge about parallel processing, leading up to parallelization at the application level of numerical calculations, participants can participate in workshops that correspond with their level of proficiency. MPI (Message Passing Interface), OpenMP or OpenACC are used in parallelization, so participants can learn parallelization methods using these applications.
The workshops are free of charge, and come with an account that allows the participant to use the supercomputer (the supercomputer used in the workshop) for one month. In addition to use during the workshop period, an account that is distributed for practicing the workshop contents can also be used after the workshop ends.
Attendance of this workshop is compulsory for the Corporate Use (Trial) revised in April 2022.

: Wisteria/BDEC-01