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Corporate use

The Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo provides a part of the Reedbush , Oakforest-PACS and Oakbridge-CX Supercomputer Systems (less than 10% of all resources) to corporations at a charge, as a part of its social contribution program.
The Center does not only take on the burden of the computing demands of corporations under this system, but also provides support to corporations that require large-scale and high-performance parallel computing systems, as well as corporations that have not yet engaged in manufacturing based on computing simulations.
There are two ways of using supercomputers in the field of large-scale, high-performance parallel computing.

(1) Execution of a large number of jobs that can be executed with one node (Capacity)
(2) Executing a single large-scale parallel job on a parallel computing system (Capability)

This system provides use based mainly on the assumption of the second use. For details, please refer to the Guidelines to Screening for the Corporate Use of Supercomputers at the Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo.

Illustration of the corporate use system

The Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo offers plans for trial use course, corporate use, and use for joint research with the Center’s faculty, as shown below.
For inquiries on the corporate use system, please contact Email address for inquiries.

Deployment image of the corporate use system

There are plans for several joint research projects with the Center’s faculty members every year. Use of the supercomputer systems is permitted through the conclusion of a joint research agreement.
In cases of joint research not only with the Center’s faculty, but with universities/public institutions, etc., the supercomputer systems may be used by corporate users within the scope of joint research, without going through a screening process by the screening committee for eligibility to use the supercomputer systems. Please submit a copy of the joint research agreement as proof of the joint research project. It is also necessary to clearly include the corporate user(s) in the group user section of the application form.
The cost of use of supercomputer systems for joint research comes under the classification of universities/public institutes. Just like regular applications, applications are accepted at any time as long as there are sufficient calculation resources available.

The path to using the University of Tokyo’s supercomputers

The Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo has prepared several systems to allow corporations to make use of the supercomputer systems. In addition, some of the calculation resources are also contributed to the Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures (JHPCN) and High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) programs. The Center’s supercomputers may also be used under the corporate application slots of these programs.

The path to using the University of Tokyo’s supercomputers

*For details: The path to using the University of Tokyo’s supercomputers (for corporations)


 Start of joint research/commissioned research (Division of University Corporate Relations, the University of Tokyo)

Corporate use for supercomputer systems, FY2020

Public application schedule for FY2020 (First round)

February 17 (Monday) Deadline for submission of application form
Around March 3 (Tuesday) Interview with corporations*
April 1 (Wednesday) Start of use

Public application schedule for FY2020 (Second round)

August 17 (Monday) Deadline for submission of application form
Early September Interview with corporations
October 1 (Thursday) Start of use

*Interviews will be conducted on the projects applied for, in the presence of the screening committee.
The interview time is scheduled to be about 20 minutes for each project. The detailed timing will be provided after applications have closed.

Application details

Please click here for application details for corporate use.

Report on results

The corporate use system and the trial use course (for corporations) system are systems that require the disclosure of results. Please submit the report on the results of use within one month after the end of use. However, it is possible to extend the deadline for the publication of the report on the results of use up to a maximum of two years based on request from the corporation. Please refer to “Submissions/Inquiries” for submission details.

Please click here for past reports on the results of use.

Project reports


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