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Trial Use Course (Free Trial)

 The Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo (hereafter, "the Center") has launched a paying trial use course for corporations, universities and public organizations since FY2011. In response to requests of short period trial use such as trying their application, the Center launched Trial Use Course (Free Trial) since FY2019. Applicants can try out the supercomputer systems of the Center for free, although the resources of them are limited. In FY2019, it will be providing Reedbush, Oakforest-PACS and Oakbridge-CX services.

 The trial use course (free trial) allows users to try out the supercomputer systems and get a sense of using the supercomputers. They may then make the transition to general use course or trial use course (Academic, Corporations). The shift to these courses is expected to promote the further use of computer systems.

Available resources

The supercomputer systems that are available for use under this system are as follows.
Note: Operation for Reedbush-U has been terminated.

Eligibility for use

    • Applicants must be eligible users of the Center (students, researchers affiliated with Japanese universities, public organizations, and/or corporations).
      * Researchers and engineers who are affiliated with corporations may also apply.
    • Applicants must be a resident of Japan at the time of application.
      * Please check the following carefully. "Assessment of Residents and Non-Residents"
      * Nationality and country of residence may be different.
       E.g.: Those on official business from foreign governments or international organization → Non-residents
       E.g.: International students who have in Japan for six months or more → Residents
    • It is necessary that applicants never used the supercomputer system which they are to apply for.

User's guide

    • Period of use is one month from the account registration date. This period includes system shutdown date such as maintenance. For the system operational schedule, please refer to the "Operational Schedule".
    • Although maximum number of jobs that can be executed simultaneously or be submitted is limited, there is no limit about accumulative number of executed jobs or accumulative time of calculation.
    • The data will be deleted after the end of use period. Please backup the necessary data in advance. It is not possible to recover the data after deletion.
    • It is possible to make the transition to general use course or trial use course (Academic, Corporations) after the free trial period has ended.

Application for use

 Read Terms of Use for Supercomputer Systems carefully. Please prepare a PDF of signed written oath and apply from the web form below.

Application form Written oath

Moving to general use course or trial use course (Academic, Corporations)

 If you wish to move to the general use course or trial use course (Academic, Corporations) after the trial period has ended, please contact the following Inquiries one week before the end of the trial period. In that case, you can use the same user number and files issued under the free trial.
 For details on applying for each course, please refer to "General Use" or "Trial Use Course".


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