Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Scheduled Workshops

The workshops scheduled for FY2023 are listed as follows. Details on the contents of each workshop and how to apply will be published about one month before the start of each workshop.

: Wisteria/BDEC-01 : Oakbridge-CX

Title and duration Date
Contents Teaching materials
(Past workshop materials)
Practical Wisteria
June 8,
September 2023
January 2024
Workshop and practical using Wisteria/BDEC-01.
  • Odyssey node: Overview of OpenMP Parallelism on A64FX and MPI+OpenMP Hybrid Programming
  • Aquarius node: Using A100 GPU, programming using OpenACC and overview of multi-GPU execution using MPI
199th session
February 13, 2023
Wisteria Usage Practice
Basic MPI
April 26, 2023
October 2023
Workshop and practical training on the basics
of parallel programming through MPI
  • Basic knowledge of parallelization
  • Explanation of API for MPI
  • Practice on parallelization of matrix multiplication
  • Practice using Oakforest-PACS
189th session
October 11, 2022
Basic MPI: Introduction to Parallel Programming
Advanced MPI
October 2023 Higher-level workshop and practical training on parallel programming through MPI
  • Nonblocking communication
  • One-way communication
  • MPI-IO
  • OpenMP+MPI hybrid programming
  • Practice using Wisteria/BDEC-01
190th session
October 12, 2022
Advanced MPI
May 31, 2023
September 27, 2023
January 31, 2023
Workshop and practical training using OpenFOAM, an open-source CFD tool kit
  • Overview of OpenFOAM
  • Overview of Wisteria/BDEC-01
  • Practice using Wisteria/BDEC-01
180th session
May 31, 2022
Introduction to OpenFOAM

186th session
September 27, 2022
Elementary OpenFOAM

198th session
January 17, 2023
Mid-level OpenFOAM

Introduction to GPU Programming
June 16, 2023 Workshop and practical training on architecture and programming methods, which are necessary for programming on the systems, including GPU
  • About GPU
  • OpenACC
  • Practice using Wisteria
188th session
October 5, 2022
Introduction to GPU Programming
GPU Mini camp
July 2023
September 2023
December 2023
March 2024
Bring in your code and get advice from mentors who are experts in deep learning to make your code more efficient. 200th session
March 6, 13, 2023
7th GPU Minicamp
Introduction to Multi-GPU Programming
June 16 2023 Workshop and practical training on multi-GPU programing that necessary for realizing large scale numerical computation with GPU-equipped supercomputers. The lecture focuses on GPU.
  • Basic of GPU and OpenACC
  • Multi-GPU Programming Through OpenACC and MPI
  • Practice using Wisteria/BDEC-01
195th session
December 2, 2022
"Multi-GPU Programming Through OpenACC and MPI"
Introduction to OpenMP
2023 Workshop and practical training based on the theme of “ICCG method for sparse matrix derived from the finite volume method,” related to OpenMP that enables easy parallelization through the writing of instruction lines, and OpenACC, the programming environment for accelerator
  • Practice using Wisteria/BDEC-01
192nd session
Introduction to Multicore/Manycore Parallel Programming Through OpenMP
Parallel Finite Element Method
2023 Workshop and practical training on parallel programming in relation to 3D parallel finite element method using MPI/OpenMP
  • 3D finite element method
  • Parallel data structure
  • Region segmentation method
  • Parallelization method
171st session
December 21, 2022
One-day Intensive Learning : Finite Element Method Programming Thorough Introduction
October 2023 Learn about WaitIO, software for cooperative use of Wisteria/BDEC-01's Aquarius and Odyssey nodes.