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Corporate Use (Trial)

The Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo (hereafter, “the Center”) provides “Trial course” for those who are considering using the supercomputer systems of the Center. Users can try out the supercomputer systems at lower cost than such as “General use” and “Corporate use” and consider whether to use them in earnest, or clarify the problems of their programs. Currently, there are 2 supercomputer systems available: Wisteria/BDEC-01 and Oakbridge-CX.

After trial, if users decide to use supercomputer sysems in earnest, then they can make the transition to corporate use (general). The shift to general use is expected to promote the further use of computer systems.
Users can also use Free Trial Course(Formerly known as Trial Use Course (Free Trial)), so please consider using it as well.

Illustration of the corporate use (trial)

Illustration of the trial use course

The flow of use in the trial course differs depending on the user .
For details, please refer to Flow of use.

Application details

Please click here for application details for the Corporate Use (Trial).

Disclosure of results

The Corporate Use (Trial) is a system that requires the disclosure of the results of use. Users are required to submit a report on the results of use within one month after the end of their period of use. The following information will be disclosed through PR materials and online after the completion of use.

  • Project title, name of corporation
  • Items disclosed in the report on the results of use

However, industrial corporations that submit a request may extend the disclosure of their reports on the results of use for a maximum of two years.

Report on the results of use
(Japanese version only)

Transition from corporate use (trial) to corporate use (general)

If you wish to move to corporate use (general) after the corporate use (trial) period has ended, please complete the application procedure for " Corporate use ". After making the transition to general use, the User ID issued under the trial use course and files will be moved directly to the account for general use. Please note that tokens will not be transferred.


Research Support Team, Information Strategy Group, Information Systems Department,
The University of Tokyo
E-mail:Email address for corporate inquiries

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