Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Flow of use

Those affiliated with universities, public organizations, etc.

Applications are accepted at any time. As the resources available are limited, applications may not be accepted depending on the circumstances.

Flow of use(Overview)

Those affiliated with corporations

It is necessary to undergo the same level of screening as for applicants for corporate use of the supercomputer systems. For details, please refer to the screening requirements for corporate use of supercomputers of the Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo. For those who want to applu for corporate use (trial), at least 1 member of a research group requires to take the Parallel programming workshop with trial accout of the system the group plans to use. Applications are accepted fthroughout the year (screening:four times a year). However, as resources are limited, recruitments may not be carried out depending on the circumstances.

Flow of use(Overview)