Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo



The Center accepts questions about the use of its supercomputer systems via e-mail or the website. Different inquiry e-mail addresses have been set up for various categories of inquiries. For answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ sections.

Contents of inquiry Inquiries
Application for use
NOT for questions about system use
Email address for application
Program consultation/Questions about system use Please submit your inquiry via the page for consultation and questions on use of the systems.

Before submitting your inquiry

Please read and clarify the following points carefully before submitting your inquiry. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

  • For program consultation, not all persons-in-charge have system administrative rights due to security reasons. Hence, please provide details in the contents of the consultation, such as error messages, etc., in order to allow us to assess the extent of the situation without referring to the directory. In particular, in addition to error code, please also provide the exact error message output before and after the error code.
  • The Center does not take on work on behalf of users, such as the installation of programs or the work required in order to install programs. While we accept consultations on such matters if the user is unable to resolve the issue in any way. However, we will not validate individual libraries, etc., or provide any guarantee for the operation of programs. As it is difficult for the Center to provide such validation, the user should handle such issues independently.
  • In cases where errors arise during the execution of programs, or in cases where the system is the suspected cause of the problem, please carry out the basic debugging work as shown below, for example. In such cases, please state clearly the situation and reasons for your assessment of the situation, in cases where you believe that the problem lies with the system. Please also include the detailed contents of your debugging process.
    • Specify the location where the error has occurred in the program.
    • Conduct an investigation on whether the correct computation results were produced immediately before the error occurred.
    • For published programs, clarify the procedures of execution leading up to the end of the error.
    In particular, the causes and solutions tend to be clearer in cases where the user is able to recreate the error program and allow the Center to use the program for investigative purposes.

Program consultation and questions about the use of the system

For program consultation and questions about the use of the system, please inquire through the following page for consultation and questions about use of the system.

For questions regarding the use of the system by those who do not have a User ID for the supercomputer systems of the Center, please submit the inquiries to Email address for inquiries.

Face-to-face consultation

* Please refer to each web page for basic information on the application course, fees, and the mechanism of tokens, etc.
* Please apply ONLY if you need face-to-face consultation regarding the use of OUR supercomputer systems, such as a program consultation by sharing a screen. Consultations on the application process and application system will not be accepted.

* Depending on the content of the consultation, we may respond by e-mail instead of face-to-face consultation.

If you wish to have a face-to-face consultation, please apply from the web page provided below. A faculty member affiliated with the Supercomputing Division will respond to your request.

If you wish to have a consultation where the actual equipment is located, please bring along a laptop or other device that can be connected to the supercomputer system that you have questions about.