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Trial Use Course (Academic)

 Since FY2005, the Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo (hereafter, “the Center”) has been providing application software developed by the University and its supercomputer resources to private corporations, through the support of MEXT’s scheme for commissioning and subsidizing projects, “Program on the Common Use of Advanced Research Facilities for Innovation Creation.” With the conclusion of this program, the Center has launched a paying trial use course for corporations since FY2011. At the same time, it also launched a paying trial use course for universities and public organizations. In FY2018, it is providing Reedbush and Oakforest-PACS services.

The trial use course allows users to try out the supercomputer systems and get a sense of using the supercomputers. They may then make the transition to general use. The shift to general use is expected to promote the further use of computer systems.

Illustration of the trial use course

Illustration of the trial use courseジ

The flow of use in the trial use course differs depending on the user and the course of use that they apply for.
For details, please refer to Flow of use.

Application details

Please click here for application details for the trial use course (academic).

Report on results

 Under the trial use course, users are required to submit a report on the results of use within one month after the end of the period of use.

Report on the results of use


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Moving from trial use course to general use course

If you wish to move to the general use courses after the trial use course period has ended, please complete procedures by filling in the necessary items in the application form for continued use, which will be sent to you around January. After making the transition to general use, the user number issued under the trial use course and files will be moved directly to the account for general use. Please note that tokens will not be transferred.

FAQ for trial use course