Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

Operation of Wisteria/BDEC-01 in FY2023

Due to the recent sharp rise in electricity rates, the total electricity charge for each system is expected to significantly exceed the total system usage fee income. In light of this situation, we have decided to raise the system usage fee for FY2023. In order to reduce the amount of the system usage fee raise, some of Wisteria/BDEC-01 Odyssey computation nodes which are high energy consumption will be suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. If the electricity prices decrease during FY2023, we plan to increase the number of compute nodes in service for Odyssey.

Node Suspension Status (as of July 28, 2023)

* The number of suspended nodes is subject to change.

[As of July 28, 2023]
  • debug-o: 384 nodes -> 768 nodes (384 nodes service resumed)
  • priority-o: 384 nodes -> 1,152 nodes (768 nodes service resumed)
  • regular-o: 4,608 nodes -> 5,376 nodes (768 nodes service resumed)

[As of April 1, 2023]
  • debug-o: 768 nodes -> 384 nodes (384 nodes suspended)
  • priority-o: 1,152 nodes -> 384 nodes (768 nodes suspended)
  • regular-o: 5,376 nodes -> 4,608 nodes (768 nodes suspended)