Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University Tokyo

ASE (Advanced Supercomputing Environment) Seminar


Technological innovation is progressing rapidly for supercomputers, as well as for the communications libraries and numerical calculation libraries, which hold the key to the acceleration of processes in supercomputers. Furthermore, in addition to the conventional demand for higher speeds, new values that pursue greater convenience in supercomputers and demands for the technology that can produce greater convenience, are also becoming increasingly necessary in the fields of application of supercomputers. These demands for new technology are becoming an important theme in the advancement of research, not only for computer scientists engaged in software research, but also for computational scientists engaged in numerical simulation.
Alongside with such changes and demands of the times, having users learn about the latest results of research related to the supercomputers set up at the Information Technology Center (hereafter, “the Center”) can form the basis for the technical knowledge needed for producing significant outcomes in the use of supercomputers. In addition, with regard to the information held by individual users of the Center, activating the exchange of information between users is also considered necessary for the revitalization of research.


Advanced Supercomputing Environment Seminar
(Advanced Supercomputing Environment, ASE)
(Abbreviation: ASE Seminar)


Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo

Target fields

The seminar covers all topics on advanced computing environments related to the Center’s supercomputers.
Specifically, it covers topics related to computing hardware, OS, computing languages and compilers, numerical calculation libraries, numerical calculation algorithms, communication libraries, automatic software tuning, tuning tools, simulation software, problem-solving environments (PSE), and others.

Frequency of seminars

Seminars are scheduled to be held about three times a year (once every four months).

Seminar format

  • The seminars are not restricted to Center users, but are open to the public.
  • Participation is free.
  • In principle, lecture scripts and activity reports are published in the “Supercomputing News” published every other month by the Supercomputing Division, as well as the “Digital Life” published by the Information Technology Center.

Inquiries about the ASE Seminar

Professor Kengo Nakajima, ASE Seminar Coordinator
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